Why Us?

Why us?

Dr. Raftopoulos’ interest focuses on plastic surgery procedures required after significant weight loss. Your benefits if you have your plastic surgery with Dr. Raftopoulos:
1. 1. Due to Dr. Raftopoulos’ experience in laparoscopic surgery he has knowledge of the use of ultrasonic shears. The use of ultrasonic shears is not common in plastic surgery but offers significant benefits such as reduction of postoperative bleeding, seroma formation, swelling and incisional pain. The reduction of these problems minimizes also the need of postoperative drains, which are very common in plastic surgery.
2. The perfect healing of plastic surgery incisions depends not only on the surgical technique but also the timing of surgery and the nutritional status of the patient. This is particularly important when plastic surgery follows surgical weight loss. As you can see from our results after obesity surgery, the weight loss our patients enjoy is quite impressive and is a result of a close postoperative follow-up and a unique and innovative nutritional and exercise program. Dr. Raftopoulos’ experience in the area of nutrition allows for the patient’s optimal nutritional preparation before plastic surgery.